We believe that the over-arching health of our planet, our economies, our societies and, especially, our people…is fundamental to the concept of ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Sustainable Development’.

We seek to inspire everyone to recognise the link between human health and the planet’s health – and we can together make a real difference.

“Global Health…from Planet to People…we can all make a difference” is our simple maxim.

Physical and mental health issues are sustainability issues, and affect how individuals and communities relate to their environment. The state of local environments will affect the health of individuals living in them. Human and global ecological matters are directly inter-linked.

We think that sustainability professionals…and others…should break out of the traditional ‘silo thinking’ and broaden their ideas and thinking about the real consequences of our actions. We are helping you seek ‘win-win’ solutions that help both the planet and people.

The ‘Global Health’ website is promoted by Global Sustainability Matters [formerly the Institution of Sustainability Professionals]

Global Health Day – 21st June 2019