Rwanda: Transforming Eye Care

 The charity ‘Vision for a Nation’ has transformed eye care in Rwanda and now the Government of Rwanda has assumed responsibility for the management and financing of primary eye care services as from January 2018.

“In just five years we have built a sustainable nationwide eye care service that is accessible to all 11.8 million Rwandans.

In the first truly nationwide programme of its kind, we have worked with the Government of Rwanda to:

  • Establish local eye care services across Rwanda
  • Develop an eye health course for the rapid training of general nurses
  • Train general nurses for deployment at all of the nation’s 502 health centres
  • Build a nationwide supply chain for eye medication and glasses from Asia to all of the health centres
  • Mobilise the public to access the new service at their local health centre
  • Extend the service to each of the nation’s 15,000 local villages”



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